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Symfonie Needles
These needles include the Symfonie Wood, Dreamz, Cubics (cuboid-shaped) and Rose lines: All of these are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is more costly and much harder than either ebony or rosewood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in Symfonie wood needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. The same property makes our needles very strong, enables the points to be sharp and provides a lifetime of pleasurable use, if handled correctly. Please remember that all wooden needles in the lower ranges (2.00mm-3.5mm) should be treated with appropriate care.
The Symfonie Wood needles are offered in a very attractive color combination / pattern in all the needle styles: straight, circular (fixed and interchangeable), double points and crochet hooks. Needles in the Symfonie Wood line are available from 2.00mm (US 0) to l5.00mm (US 19).
The Dreamz line of needles is offered in a full range of 9 radiant colors. A color has been assigned to each size and that color carries through in all the needle styles: single Pointed, interchangeable, double points and crochet hooks. Imagine how this aids in organizing your collection. It also provides ease of identification for partially sighted knitting and/or crochet artists.
Symfonie Cubics (cuboid-shaped) are offered in rosewood textured densified laminated wood. These needles are available from 2.00mm (US 0) to 8.00mm (US 11).
Please note that the Cubics needles are measured diagonally and not across the square cross-section.
Symfonie Rose (Rose Sets) are offered in rosewood textured densified laminated wood. Both the Symfonie Roseinterchangeable needles set and Crochet Set are available in elegantly designed boxes that make for a perfect Gift!
Nova Needles
The KnitPro Nova line of metal needles is made from hollow brass pipes which have been plated with high quality nickel. This provides a smooth and satiny surface that allows stitches to move freely and quickly. These needles are light in weight, durable and comfortable to the hand.
Needles in the Nova range are available from 2.00mm (US 0) - 15.00mm (US 19).
For the first time ever, the cuboid shaped needles are now offered in shiny nickel-plated Brass. The new Nova Cubics needles in electroplated brass have convenient grip and the same flawless feel and finish that our regular brass needles are appreciated for.
Available in sizes 2.00mm (US0) to 8.00mm (US11).
Please note that the Nova Cubics needles are measured diagonally and not across the square cross-section
Zing Needles
Zing Needles - designed to add joy & verve to every knitter's craft!
Zing metal needles are made from light metal and come in a spectrum of vibrant and lively colours. Each size comes in a unique metallic shade with laser printed sizes and shiny silver tips. These light metal needles are ideal for new knitters as well as the more experienced hand who likes a smooth surface.
Available in single pointed, double pointed and fixed circulars from size 2.00mm (US 0) to 6.00mm (US 10).
Karbonz Needles
Karbonz - the epitome of innovation & perfection!! One of the most revolutionary needles of our times that combine the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped nickel plated brass tips!!
Carbon Fiber is one of the most versatile material used in modern times for use in aircrafts, automobiles, etc. and is ideal for knitting needles on account of it's high tensile strength, light weight and comes with a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches. This union of two revolutionary materials is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience.
These gorgeous needles are available from 1.00mm (US 5/0) - 8.00mm (US 11).
Made from the finest of Japanese Bamboo, our ‘Soft to Touch’ Bamboo range carries our signature sharp points that combined with the fabulous finish gears you up for hours of no-stress, comfortable and satisfying crafting experience. The crowning glory of our glossy Bamboo circulars (both fixed and interchangeable) are the 24K Gold Plated metal connectors on the needles and the cables.
Size range: 2.00mm (US0) - 10.00mm (US15)
Basix Line
Basix Birch wood Needles
Basix needles are made from lightweight but strong birch wood. The handsome natural birch color makes them as easy on the eye as they are on the hand – especially when working with today's thick and chunky yarns. The lightness of the wood allows us to produce them in sizes up to 25.00mm (US 50). They are ideal for knitting projects such as blankets, rugs and large-scale garments and coverings of all types. The largest sizes can also be used as decorative items in homes, schools or studios.
Size Range: 4.00mm (US 6) to 25.00 mm (US 50)
Basix Aluminum Needles
Basix aluminum needles carries the hallmark of KnitPro - smooth surface, superb finish and the perfect sharp tips.
Size 2.00 mm (US 0) to 6.00 mm (US 10) are offered in Grey Anodized Aluminum
Trendz Needles
Trendz Needles are made from superior quality acrylic material in stunning multi colors. Each size is uniquely color coded for ease of identification. These lightweight needles are ideal for new knitters as well as the more experienced hand who likes a smooth surface.
Needles in Trendz range are available from 3.50 mm (US 4) to 12.00 mm (US 17)
Our crochet hooks are designed for Crochet Artists by those who know and understand the art of Crochet. They are offered in a complete range of materials: Symfonie Wood, Symfonie Dreamz, Japanese Bamboo, Basix Birch, Trendz Acrylic, Aluminum & Steel with 'soft-feel' handles. They are offered in a full range of sizes: 0.50mm - 12.00mm. All the wooden hooks are handcrafted.
Symfonie Dreamz& Rose crochet hooks are offered only as sets in single ended version only.
The aluminum and steel hooks have a soft-textured ergonomically shaped handle.