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Which gauge to use with each yarn weight

Usually, when you buy a pattern, it will tell you what knitting needle gauge or crochet hook size you should use. But sometimes you might be making something without a pattern. Or you might buy yarn without a project in mind. The ball band should tell you what size to use with it, but not always.

Here are our recommendations of what sizes go with each yarn. These are only suggestions, and with experience you'll know if you tend to have a tighter or looser tension. That would indicate you should go up or down a size or two. And always do a tension square before you begin! It's especially important for crochet, where the stitch can determine how tight your work is and push you to go up another size.

Needle sizes

Yarn weightKnitting needlesCrochet hooksTunisian crochet hooks
Super chunky6.5mm +6.5mm +8mm +

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