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Knitting Bobbin Set

Knitting Bobbin Set


This knitting bobbin set from Clover contains six bobbins to stop yarn from tangling when you’re knitting colour work.

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If you’ve ever done colour work, you know how much of a pain it can be when your different balls unravel or get tangled up together. Knitting bobbins help stop that from happening. 
These plastic frames are designed for you to wind your yarn onto and work from several at the same time. They’re fantastic for projects like intarsia or fair isle. This way you don’t need to have multiple balls on the go.
This knitting bobbin set from Clover contains six bobbins, which should be ample for even ambitious project
We recommend that you only wind on a little yarn at a time to the bobbin. While you’ll need to stop to add more, it’ll prevent you from having issues with tension as you work. They’ll also be lighter to work with that way. If you can, use straight needles instead of circular ones.


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