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Zing Fixed Circular Needles

Zing Fixed Circular Needles


KnitPro Zing fixed circular needles are made from super smooth, lightweight aluminium and have strong, flexible cables.

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KnitPro Zing fixed circular needles are made from super smooth, lightweight aluminium. Your yarn will glide across them no matter what kind youโ€™re using and your hands wonโ€™t get tired. Each size comes in a different colour for easy identification, so no more hunting for the right pair! You can create a rainbow out of your collection, and the tapered tips and shiny silver connectors make the needles super stylish.

The cables are attached with a swivel mechanism so they rotate as you work. That means no more kinks or tangles, maximum flexibility! They even store flat, without twisting. The smooth join prevents snagging.

The 25cm length needles come with two different length tips which makes handling them much easier.

  • 2.00mm โ€“ Coral
  • 2.25mm โ€“ Amber
  • 2.50mm โ€“ Garnet
  • 2.75mm โ€“ Carnelian
  • 3.00mm โ€“ Jade
  • 3.25mm โ€“ Emerald
  • 3.50mm โ€“ Chrysolite
  • 3.75mm โ€“ Amethyst
  • 4.00mm โ€“ Sapphire
  • 4.50mm โ€“ Iolite
  • 5.00mm โ€“ Ruby
  • 5.50mm โ€“ Sienna
  • 6.00mm โ€“ Purple Velvet
  • 6.50mm โ€“ Coral
  • 7.00mm โ€“ Amethyst
  • 8.00mm โ€“ Emerald
  • 9.00mm – Garnet
  • 10.00mm – Ruby
  • 12.00mm – Purple Velvet


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